What people have to say about Mr. Sims

What clients have to say

"Got to say not knowing first hand what I was up against he made things  seem very simple. Not only did he help clear my name he also made sure  people were held accountable. When I first contacted Chris I had a  warrant and a couple pending charges. Not only did he set in motion  contact with prosecutors but he got this all rolling and handled almost  faster then I knew I needed a lawyer. He was very professional and  straight forward with me and always let me know where we stood as far as  are next move. And did I mention he got the case dismissed and I never  even stepped foot in a courtroom. I know who I'll be reaching out to and  referring to people in need of good a defense lawyer." -Jess a DUI Client 

"My first impression of Chris was good when he helped me avoid the dept of lic suspension I was Sold. He is a rock solid performer. who was able to guide me to a solution that included no further jail time." -DUI Client 

Having a court case can be a stressful time. I found Chris to be well versed in criminal law and extremely comfortable in walking me through my case. He is very understanding, kind and was passionate about resolving my case. I developed a wonderful rapport with him and felt supported throughout the entire experience. Chris went above and beyond all my expectations. I was kept well informed by him and his communication skills were astounding. There is NO one else I rather have represent me!" -A Criminal Defense client 

 "Chris was able to successfully help me through a very difficult time; always working towards the best possible outcome while being upfront and realistic about what could happen. Facing a hefty amount a jail time due to a revoked deferred prosecution & new DUI charge he was quick to respond to even my most challenging questions and made dealing with the court systems far less stressful. I highly recommend Chris."  From a criminal defense client.

     "I credit Mr. Sims for saving my life & I highly recommend him & his firm SMH, Inc. P.S. for representation in any criminal or law matter. Mr. Sims is an extraordinary Attorney & overall a fine, genuine kind man who sincerely cares about his clients & their overall well-being to succeed in life. I am honored & fortunate to have had Mr. Sims represent me!"  From Laura, a DUI client.     

"Chris took on my situation with the reliability and professionalism exceeding any expectations I had as my representative. He was always on time to our appointments and even went out of his way to voluntarily make himself available to listen and be their as a friend. I cant thank him enough for his willingness to go beyond the call of just being an attorney. I didn't know Chris prior to my life events. You can trust that I am giving a reliable recommendation and I will continue to speak of him highly. He gave excellent legal advice and proved it by the positive results in my case. He reached out to the parties involved and was able to help resolve my case to my best benefit. Thank you Chris for being there for me. I couldn't have done this alone."  From Chuck, a criminal defense client.     "This was my first time hiring legal representation and over the course of my case Chris went above and beyond my expectations. The outcome of my case was better than anticipated and Chris kept me informed at all times. He was professional, friendly, non-judgmental, and he was knowledgeable about out-of-state and military matters which was a big help to me. "  From Adam, a criminal defense client.     

"My case was abnormal and very difficult to explain Chris was very informative and professional. As a single dad I had everything to lose and a budget Chris and his firm made me feel comfortable and important responded with quality information in a timely manner and got the best possible resolution to my case. I wouldn't hesitate to call upon him again."  From James, a criminal defense client.

What Prosecutors and other Attorneys Have to Say

"I have had the privilege to work with Chris for over 5 years. Chris is an excellent attorney that diligently represents his clients. He has shown his understanding of the nuances of the law and how to best get as favorable a resolution as possible for his clients. "  From T.G., a prosecuting attorney.     

"I have worked with Chris several times where he has represented shared clients in their criminal cases. Chris is incredibly knowledgeable regarding all criminal defense matters. He represents his clients as if they were a member of his only family, and his passion for his clients' rights is noteworthy and rare. I have relied on Chris' input and guidance for my clients in times of crisis, and he has always come through. I would recommend Chris to anyone needing a criminal defense attorney without reservation."  From M.L., a family law attorney in the community.    

 "I have known Chris as a colleague for over six years now, and cannot speak highly enough of him as a person and as an attorney. Chris's personality is a unique combination of compassion and down-to- earth approach and thoroughness and legal expertise in criminal and DUI defense. Humble, yet determined, he dedicated his career to defending his clients' rights."  From L.Z., an immigration attorney in the community.  


"Chris is a great attorney to have on your side if you are dealing with a criminal matter. He has the ability to provide quick representation in emergent situations. He works closely with his clients so that they understand the legal process by breaking down the legal issues. He is a zealous advocate for every one of his clients."  "rom S.E., a family law attorney in the community     

"I've known Chris Sims for several years. He has an incredible amount of experience and fights hard to defend his clients. Mr. Sims has an excellent familiarity with the law and the local courts and judges."  From O.N., a fellow criminal defense attorney